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International Yoga Day

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Yoga are shrouded in mythology it practice at Himalaya,Tibet and Nepal.In modern day Patanjali by Ramdevbaba is father of modern  Yoga.Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition.After then Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi speech in UN proposed  first International Yoga Day.And then in United  Nations General  Assembly (UN) declared 21 June 2015 as  an International  Day Of Yoga.
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After  UN Declarations the first International Day of Yoga was observed around the world on 21 June 2015.In first  International  Yoga Day it held in near about 85 countries  .In India by our Prime Minister held Yoga at Raj path in New Delhi.Next year in 2016 it held in Chandigarh PM Narendra  Modi attended the Yoga.In 2017 at Lucknow 51,000 participant attended  with PM.Over 100,000 participant attended  in Kota 2018.
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And now it's  International  event  a special significance in many parts of the world.Yoga is  regarded as one of the most effective  methods  of establishing  a connection  between the  body  minds by  Indian  sages since  time  immemorial
Some Different  form of Yoga:-

   Kundalini Yoga                                                                              Pranayama
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Pranayama                                                                                            Hatha Yoga
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