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Yoast SEO #1 Plugin Need to know

Yoast SEO #1 Plugin Need to know

Right now, I will tell you the best way to set up bit by bit the Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress site. I did make another article on how to get organic traffic to your website. If you want that then you know that I breezed over the Yoast SEO plugin. But if you want that then comment me in the comment section below.

I needed to concentrate just on setting up the Yoast SEO plugin effectively and afterward additionally go over what it really does in the event that you like genuine business instructional exercises in the event that you like genuine business counsel as a matter of fact that can assist you with developing your business assist you with developing your own image and furthermore assist you with developing by and by.

Then comment me below the comment section about your experience. Okay so the Yoast SEO plugin is very powerful it's very powerful in optimizing your blog posts and your pages on your website. With the goal that they could get found in web indexes like Google and who wouldn't like to get establishing Google right, you need more traffic to your webpage. This is one of the most crucial on-page aspects and I'm going to share with you now and show you step-by-step exactly not only how to set it up but why it's so important.

Yoast SEO For Everyone

 Now I’m here at the back end of my best SEO plugin WordPress website we are using Li photo booth rentals calm it's a satire issue. It attests website that we do a lot of things on if you watch my other post now the first thing you want to do if you are in the backend of your WordPress website is come down to plugins on the left. There you want to add a new plug-in so click adds new you're going to come over here to search plugins and you're going to put Yoast SEO.

Now I already installed this so it's it will say right here see how says update now. You're going to get where it says install now if you don’t have it. So you want to click install now and then once you click install now you want to click activate. So you want to install it and activate I already have the Yoast SEO plug-in activated.

How Do I Use Yoast SEO?

 You can see this has a million active installations over 25,000 great reviews. Really is a great plugin I can actually update mine so update this when you activate it. You should get taken over to the wizard page if not you're going to come right up hereto this why click on configure wizard you want to get the first step there are 12 steps here they're very easy though you're going to click on configure Yoast SEO.

I do right here’s your two options choose under construction if you want to keep the site out of the index of search engines don’t forget to activate it. Once you already publish your site so if you ‘rebrand new it's a brand new site you have no content on it yet you might want to click option B. My site is under development and ought not to be recorded at this point.

Everything You Need To Know About Yoast SEO Plugin

Presently if your site is live similar to my site you need to click choice A my locales live and fit to be listed. This is simply letting Google internet searcher and web crawlers take your data for your webpage and get it filed in the web indexes. So it can be found so I'm gonna click option A because my site is live could always come back in here and change things too.

So don't worry what does this site represent is it a blog and online shop a news channel a small off offline business. I'm gonna click a small offline business because that’s what we do your suburbs and a person or accompany. This is an organization so pick that the name of your organization I'm simply going to put contractions L I P B Long Island photograph stalls.

You could also, choose an image. I'm not gonna choose an image but for your business. You can do that to choose an image now you can put in all of your URLs for your business your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Right, I'm not going to do that because I want to sit here and take up all that time doing that but itis a good thing to do so once you do that then you would just click Next.

Here search engines should show post in search results definitely because we're gonna be blogging search engines should show pages of course search engines so portfolios. Yes if we have a portfolio search engine that should show staff why not testimonials you ask products why not feeds. 

Yoast SEO For Wordpress Correctly

Sure I leave everything these on yes relying upon what you would prefer not to appear on the off chance that you don't need staff on the off chance that you didn't need your items the page you could state no. Be that as it may, why not you need that stuff being found does or will your website has different writers in the event that you have many individuals composing and blogging you would click yes.

This only has one author so we’re gonna click no and hit next. Here we have to get Google authorization code. So that we can verify this we're gonna click on this right here get Google authorization code. So once you get assumed control over the sign in to Google sign in to the business Gmail where you can get the approval code.

You’re going to copy it just by clicking here and you can paste it in here and then click authenticate done authenticating. It’s going to come to this page and it’s just explaining you know what's going on here and that they're connecting this for the health of your site. It shows you your website right here you want to make sure that you're on this right. The site that you're on for your WordPress and then you're just going to click Next.

 Now right here a website name we have long island photo booth rentals honestly. I like to abbreviate things so what I'll do is usually I just put LIPB. Because this is just so long number one or you can leave it I like to just abbreviate things so what we'll do here is L I P B.

Now you get to pick do you want a dash or a pipe I'm gonna use the pipe. What this is it just separates things in the title of the website and then puts your brand name your website name at the end after the pipe? So I'm gonna show you an example of this in Google so you can see what I mean by this really quick so right here I'm in the Google search engine.

What is a meta description?

 The top search engine where everybody's searching for things and one of the blog posts on this WordPress website. That I'm indicating you in demoing it's named normal expense of the photo corner. Presently, this is a photograph corner rental site so a blog entry that we made was at the expense of photograph stalls. 

The average cost of a photo booth because we know people are searching for that and I think we're on page 4 right now. I believe page 5 actually and it’s good that's not perfect rankings but at least we're index right now. So that’s the first sign Google index to us and what that means is we're actually popping up in the search engine we’re not on page 1 which where we want to be.

So now I'll show you how Yoast can help you do that on the on-page. But I want you just to look at what my title my URL structure and description. So my title is directly here the normal expense of photograph corner rentals here's my URL right and afterward this is the blog entry URL and afterward here is my depiction.

This is what's popping up as my description so keep that in mind these are three important things for your on-page. What Yoast is going to help us optimize now another thing. I wanted to show you because I was just showing you the dash symbol. The pipe symbol and I said I'd like to use the pipe symbol and when you use the pipe symbol. 

Now you set up the wizard you're gonna get a pipe just like this. You know it says photo booth rental pipe symbols a Francisco. So what I'm going to do now is because I chose the pipe symbol and then LI PB member I chose my website name as LI PB. Right here website name LIPB and are choosing the pipe symbol.

So now every time I blog post it's going to create my title in the search to be let’s say the average cost of photobooth rentals pipe symbol Li PB. Just like this guy is doing photo booth rental pipe San Francisco. Right so you’ll see this you could choose a dash if you'd like this person is doing photobooth rental pipe open-air photo booth.

Okay, so you get to choose what you want to put in there I always usually choose the brand name or the author name. To put in there depending on what type aside itis because this is a company. I'm going to choose just Li PB because I don't want to put that long name of the business. So we're gonna click Next here is the newsletter that you can join.

I'm just gonna you know click Next I'm not going to sign up to the newsletter right now you could if you'd want then here are some premium features. You could upgrade you can get training again if you want to take this stuff. You could advance stuff to help you learn more about the Yoast SEO and other things you can do it. But you don’t need to I'm just gonna click Next and you've done it. 

Presently we're at 12success everything's set up in the wizard I'm going to click close and now what we will do is I will do. You now that Yoast SEO is totally set up. And the wizard setup you got that done that's what you should have done now on your WordPress site.

You introduced and enacted Yoast module you designed the wizard that is good to go up now you need to really improve a blog entry or a page on your website. I'm gameshow you how to do that we're going to optimize a blog post I already have a post on here so if you don't have a post you would just click add new. But I'm gonna go to all my posts and I'm just gonna choose a blog post.

What Is SEO Title?

 We'll pick that average cost of photobooth once and they already show that the average cost. Let me just click Edit this so that it would pop up now. When you go and click to post a new page or a new post blogpost this is all going to be empty. So there’s gonna be no image there's going to be no the title here's your title right here.

Your image that you could put you put your images through here threesome be no content in here no texts no blog text. Directly at all here's a video we put there's going to be none of this we've implanted the guide what's extremely significant area is this square right here this is the Yoast SEO plugin.

 Now that it’s all configured and set up and what’s great about this is it's going to give us some data. So that we can make sure we ‘reusing this correctly and that we’re optimizing our blog post or our pages to the best capabilities. The first thing you want to be aware of is the title the slug or the URL of your poster page and the meta description.

So if we click right here once you come down to yours click Edit snippet and what’s great about this is. It allows you to choose the title you want for your blog or your page it allows you to choose the slug this is the URL. That you want for your page and then the meta description allows you to choose what you want the meta description to be.

So I'm going to bounce back over to Google and show you again recall that I demonstrated you here was our title here is our slug or URL and afterward here is our meta depiction. Now what I like to do and everyone has their different theories but what I like to does I'd like to make sure that the keyword term.

The significant term that I'm attempting to rank for and get ordered in Google. It is in my title it’s in my slug or URL and then it’s also within my beginning on my description. Now you see it’s not in my description right here so I want to fix that. So what I would do island the catchphrase I'm going for is the normal expense of the photo corner.

Let's say I push this blog post to page one for the average cost of the photo booths. Now what I want to do is get in front of the people that are typing that in and as you can see. I’m using something called the keywords everywhere extension. So it's demonstrating me140 individuals a month type in the normal expense of photograph corner or terms around that right.

 So now if you're unaware of what this is don't worry. In my other post how to get organic website traffic. I go over that so just look up that side I’ll actually link it above or put it down in the description. But that will explain how I'm looking at how much traffic is getting searching for this term.

I want to take this from page five I want to be on page one. For this term and get some of that traffic. So I found a good pace couple of things so I realize I need my catchphrase to be the normal expense of photograph stalls. So I want to start I'll start it off with something enticing looking for incredible deals or the average cost of photo booths.

Yoast SEO: The Definitive Guide

 We have top photo booth rentals within the local area. Just look at what people are saying about us. What we got to see here too is we don't want to go too long. You notice how this change colors it turned orange.  I like to keep it in the green so let’s see what green is so we could just say look what people are saying.

Yeah, we’ll keep it like that you see how this stays in the green that's good. We want it to be in the green because if you go too long it starts to turn orange. And then if you go away too long it will actually start turning red and stuff you don’t want to be in that area stay in the green.

Since this is what's going to fit within the web index this is one when you're in the green. This is what people going to see this is the number of words and characters. You see you could only see so much you're not gonna see everything. So now we know that this is going to fit in there and what did I do I got my main keywording there.

 So I'm good with that what you would do is you'd write a nice article. And you could write that you know if you if somebody's writing for you. It could have them just send you the article in a word doc or if they're putting it and sharing it in Google Drive. Now you’re just gonna copy and paste it in here we already have a blog article. 

Yoast SEO Tutorial In 2020

But what we want to do next is once we copy-paste our blog article here. Once we set our title with the keyword in it that we want once we know our slug is good and optimized. Once our meta depiction has our watchword in and it's streamlined. We could come down here and open this up and it's going to tell us our problems and what's good and what's not good.

So what's acceptable is there are interior connections great job Meta Description length all around done. Because we're in the green text length the text contains 1,500. See nine words good it's nice to long text so that’s good we like long-form content problem key for its keyword phrase. Keyphrase length no center keyphrase was set for this page goodness.

 So right here the focus keyphrase let's actually add that in their average cost a photobooth. That's in there and what we would want to do come up here. Once you do that sometimes when you update things you have to update it here just so that it calculates down below.

 Sometimes it takes that so now just updated and we want to come back here to focus keyword phrase. Let's see so it says your key a phrase or its cinnamons do not appear in the first paragraph. This is something actually, I like to do too I do like to put my key phrase in the first paragraph. So you comprehend what I'm going to do is I'm going to come up here I'm going to take my watchword expression.

I could make that sound probably better but for this post, I'm not gonna sit here and go on and on. But you see now I have the keyword in the first paragraph. So now what I'm gonna do now just goanna click update and see. If they give me a better grade on that so what's really cool about the Yoast SEO plugin.

We're able to force and set the title the slug which is the URL. We want to put the keyword in the URL. Or a variation of the keyword in there and we can also set the Meta description. I showed you before and now we're going through and they’re taking the focus the keyword. 

That we set which is the average cause of photo booth because we know we want to rank for that in Google get index. We're ready to index more on page five. So I'm just trying to get better and stronger on the page.  Your session will go through and give me the green things that I'm correcting you see. How about we see this key expression thickness it's too low the key expression was discovered multiple times.

 They want me to put the key phrase in there more than once me personally. Despite everything get remarkable results not having the key articulation stuffed. All interested probably want me to get to 0.5% so for their example let's do that. Okay, so I added that word again let's see what we get now keyword for densities 0.3they probably want to see it again.

Well, you got to realize I also use variations that they don't really talk about here. A variation could be also prices of the average photo booth rentals. Right, that’s another way of saying my main keyword. I'll sprinkle those types of terms throughout my content but for this sake, if you want to make it green we have to add the keyword two more times in the content.

Yoast SEO For Beginners

So we should do that I included the catchphrase in my substance somewhat more just to get the green light. Right here you could say key phrase density 0.5% this is great. I personally don't mind being around three or four percent, to be honest with you depending on how long my piece of content is again. I like to write long-form pieces of content that make sense. That is very informative and the more you do that the better you are with actually providing quality content.

The better and I just feel like you don't have to overstuff the keyword but for the sake. I just wanted to show you get the green light by putting your keyword and working it. In there where it makes sense for this demo. I just threw it in there a few times so that it's in there but again make sure it makes sense where you're placing the keyword.

So we did that's good SEO title okay so it’s telling me the titles too short. So pretty much it is saying that the title is too short the average cause of photo booth rentals for your next party. Okay now it's green you see that it was too short. I updated that remember I, Gott come up here update let's get back to Yoast and let's check on. 

This now so we have a lot of green lights going on now good outbound links have no outbound links it says. Okay, so I need a link that’s outbound. I do have links that are linking to inter pages. But I need links they’re outbound. Okay, let's do that quick all right let's link out to our review page on let's say maybe Google or Google business page. Let maybe Yelp or one of our social platforms so we're gonna take this Facebook page and link out to here with the word reviews. 

So individuals go over yonder and read our audits so there's going to be an outbound connection since it's not remaining on the site we're out beating. That connection exaggerates Facebook and that is done how about we go perceive how we go with our score now. Okay, outbound links good job key phrase in the title the exact match of the keyphrase appears in the SEO title.

But not at the beginning try to move it in the beginning again. This is something that I don’t mind if it's not an exact big beginning. If you want it to be in the beginning you want to get a green light. Just move it to the beginning and the SEO title remember you're going to edit a snippet in the Yoast.

 Yoast SEO Review

 Now, you can move it so if I just move this with you know that but you know what me. I don't mind that I'm leaving and how it is but if you want a green move it to the beginning key phrase and meta description. Omit meta description has been specified but it does not contain the key phrase fix that. All things considered, it considers it since they're simply observing in light of the fact that it's likely an S, in the end, I put the normal expense of photograph stalls.

It’s probably not realizing that but I know Google will understand that. So I'm not gonna change that but if I changed it like that average cost a photo booth. It probably would update and think that it’s in there if I went and updated this. In any case, I'm leaving it like that so you comprehend recall your titles advance your slug is upgraded depiction title everything is improved.

We have a lot of green lights so this is the power though of the Yoast SEO plugin. It's allowing us to understand desire does our content have everything optimized correctly. We set our title.  Set our description. And we set our slug and these are the three main important things. Right here another thing you could do is you know you might want to write your blog post or your page optimize it. 

Then you might want to share it on Facebook or Twitter. So if you go over to these three bars right here social you can set up you say. I set it up this is gonna be the title Facebook title for when you share it a little description. And then you can also upload an image and what you want to make sure is that the image is a certain size right here 1200 by 630.

This way when you share this blog post on Facebook or you could also set up for Twitter. Right here we did when you share it on Twitter. It's gonna have a nice image on Twitter the keyword in the title explaining in a little description. So they click overdo your blog post so that's how you use the Yoast SEO plug-in.

 Remember when we first started and I showed you where the site is on page 5 for our main keyword. The average cost of photo booths we fix somethings you know you saw. The all the red lights that were on in our blog post cuz. We just use this as a post we just publish content. There are different tutorials we use this for and this site is still getting a decent amount of targeted local traffic.

It's creation cash however I simply needed to tell you the best way to utilize the Yoast SEO. When you're even doing a blog post or other pages you want to make sure that these things are set up. Because the Yoast SEO is going to feed Google. The correct data saying we need to be found for the normal expense of photograph stalls. we have a page on it or blog entry on it.

It's in our Meta Description it's inside all through our substance we're improved for it. We have it in our title right all of the three main things title URL or slug and description are good. At that point the remainder of the green lights you ensure and you ought to get ordered in any event by Google.

The other thing is really depending on the competitiveness of the term. That doesn't mean you're gonna go to page one that's just on-page SEO. You want to go pay to page one there's a lot of other things you need to do like get traffic get branded traffic. Get social shares coming in and get powerful links linking back to your website.

I go in on that and different instructional exercises you could discover a greater amount of my articles down beneath or all through my Website on a greater amount of those subjects of getting focused on traffic and natural traffic. That covers the more but at least we went over again. I wanted to show you how to configure setup activate and use the Yoast SEO plugin.

Now I hope that makes sense so that is how I use and set up the Yoast SEO plugin. So that was helpful and if you did find it helpful please like comment share this post with anyone this can help. But if you have any questions definitely comment below.

And if you're just in the beginning phases of starting your business or building your website or revamping your website. What I did is I made a free course for you What is SEO? and I'm going to connect that underneath it's totally free I put it in the depiction beneath certainly look at that and again on the off chance that you discover these instructional exercises accommodating buy-in share them and I'll see you in the following post. And for more of SEO, Backlink and Keyword Search visit Techmekraj.Thanks

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