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What is Link Building? How to Build Chain Link

        What is Link building? How to Build Chain Link

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Hello everyone if you are brand new here, welcome to Niraj J H, SEO. In today's article I'd like to create a small series on how to create backlinks but not just link building and creating backlinks, but creating some of the most SEO links building that you can find online. So in this article the series of SEO. How to build chain link building, I'm having to make a series I'm going to show you how you can go ahead and start creating some of the most building links online and this will be a series. So please let's just dive right in and stick with me. If you want to become a Leader of SEO and building links get this from link building company morningscore. 

What is  SEO? Powerful Link Building.

SEO Link Building

First and foremost, I'm going to show you the type of link that is absolutely wonderful. And the reason why I'm doing this is I work with it's powerful and we are noticing that there is an influx in the market of newer people starting to push these types of links. And they have dramatically dropped the price. So I talked with them, and I've decided to give all this information away to you for free. So let's just dive right into it now. So I want to go ahead and show you one of the links that you can create very simple, very, very cheaply. And you can do this on a mass scale I have seen of people offering this backlink, building link method, this service for upwards of $200. This is probably the least saturated method because it's the hardest to accomplish. However, it's really not and I'm going to walk you through but I want to show you the link up in my top right-hand corner, I have the mouse bar installed, I can highlight do-follow links. So in Purple is no-follow. And Green has followed links as you can see, okay, so I want to go ahead and scroll down. This is a free app. These are very easy to create romance. This is just one, okay, I'm not saying this is mine. I'm not saying this is anything to do with me. This is simply an example. 

Link Building Strategies

Okay, of the type of link that you will get that is to follow. Now, if you take a look at this type of game, Android game, it's something that you give away free. That is key here. Okay, it has to be free. All right, free gets passed right in. It's very simple to get the free ones accepted. So if you scroll down here, see where it says developer information and you. You can create your app around your business. I mean, this can be a quiz on, let's say you have a car rental company. It's a quiz on car rentals. It can be a quiz on anything. It could be a game on anything, it can be a background. I mean, the possibilities are really endless. But here's the link. Here are the following links. As you can see, this takes you right to the website, it's a do-follow the link on a product page. This isn't from just some random page or other linking methods like I may be shown before. This is a product page where they do follow on it, you have your own page, and let me show you what you have to do to do it. So if you're a developer, awesome, this would be very simple for you to do. If you're not a developer, I'm going to go ahead and show you on fiber. What you'd be searching for now. You can scroll up here to the top and put Create Android app. Now when you get in here, you can, there will be some pricing differences. But my recommendation would be to find somebody. Right. That's what we did find somebody that is offering this service at a relatively low cost. Here's one right here, I will create an Android app in Android Studio for $5. So now you have your application, right? They can make that you can make an agreement with them make me 10 of them pre-make 10. Right. Maybe you want to offer this service, maybe you want 10 separate links because there are numerous Amazon sites. There's Amazon. There's a bunch of them, not just the regular, okay, so keep that in mind. But anyway, so you would head over here to fiver there are other places you can go to. You can get the apps made for $5 Okay, I'm sure if you wanted 10 small ones that were all the same, but there were just some modifications, you can probably get them even cheaper than that. Now, what you have done this, what you're going to do is go head on over here to Google.

Link Building Tools

Now, it's Amazon developer, right?
So Amazon developer services. So this is what you would do, you're gonna have your Amazon account, you're going to start, you're going to sign in, what you're going to do is go into your developer console, and you're going to create your account. Okay.
Now, as you can see, I've already had an account.

Link And Build

But this is the process that you would go through to submit it. But what I've done is I've actually pulled up a walkthrough of exactly how it works and what you have to do and this is a quite simple process now you can go right here to and a see a dot I O. And this right here will walk you through the process of what you have to do to sign up, which is simple. What you have to do to submit your app, which is simple. And all of the processes are simply right here. Go to availability and pricing. Go to the description tab, go to the binary file, release the app, you can do a demo, you can do the inquiry Amazon badges for the App Store for Android. And there are numerous steps. But you at the end of the day, you can get it made for $5 and some time. And what you would end up with is a do-follow backlink with your own product page. Right here just like this, as you can see here, developer information. I have my Moz bar installed, showing the do-follow links. For more SEO and Backlink related articles click the link below.

SEO Link Building Tools

And as you can see, when you scroll down, here is the do-follow link going to this developers page. Here it is no redirect, right, this is straight to follow from As you can see, this page right here is a da 96. So if you're interested in receiving your own product page, if you're interested in getting a da 96 backlink that does follow from Amazon, that will be niche relevant because you can create your app around your brand, your business, whatever your service maybe, I'm sure you're very creative. This is going to be an article in this series. I'm going to walk you through each method, each strategy complimentary for you. I hope that you've enjoyed this article if you have please give me a comment if you have not if I planted the seed, but you still hated this article for some reason. Go ahead, give me a comment and I will see you in the next article of series. Free link building tools mention below.

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