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       Today the world is going to work Online and Offline. We today in  our life everything is Online, such as Online bank account, Online sbi, Online Jobs, Online Glasses, Online Accounts, Online Loan,Online Video Converter, Online Banking, Online Colleges, Online Schools, Online Classes, Online Degrees, Online Courses, Online Video Downloader, Online Camera, Online Food Ordering, Online Office, Online Travel Agent, Online Tax Filing, and more. Which is countless? Today, people enjoy the technology and the technology in running the tires of the fingers, and the curse is also there. Now everything in the world is going towards 5G. This technology will make people a machine. This technology is as fast as a machine. Computer technology and online indicates a state of connectivity, and offline indicates a disconnected state. Nowadays every service available is online.


      The speed of the world around us varies by speed. It is really fun to see! As a few years ago, we were living without having to connect to the Internet. Then the Internet started and running online around the world. After the smartphone came, our whole world changed. Many Online Banking Accounts, Online sbi, Online jobs, Online Eyeglasses, Online advertising, Online loans, Online video converter, Online banking, Online Net Banking have been available.
      Now, the revolutions have begun. Of course, there is no talk of getting away from the Internet, only the search has begun to take advantage of how to take advantage of it when we are away from the Internet. Today the world is searching for everything online. Even today Online business, Online Service, Online freelancer and Online counseling also available.
          In today's era, the Internet is so affordable. All of them can use it. So now we have become extremely comfortable with the data issue. However, the time has not come yet for the peace of this matter. That's about the whole Internet company, now we have no Internet The easiest way to get the benefit of the Internet is to get the Native App in the smartphone. It is possible to read anything without the connection of the net, but in the smartphone, the net is not just for reading. For anyone who uses the net in the smartphone. Now the race has been started to make everything possible without Net Connectivity.
     For example, if you use Google Chrome browser on your phone, you can read the popular articles in your area, read the articles in your section, go to the download section, or download articles in your area and also read offline.
        The new types of apps named Progressive Web Apps, without having to install any native apps, allow us to download the pages that we visit in different websites to be automatically downloaded for offline access. We just add the icon of the website to the homepage on the phone.
        With the help of apps like a pocket, you can save various pages for offline reading and a free app called RSS reader. If we make a specific setting, then our choice citation can sink for new article offline reading. There are several apps like this Online reading in google apps. Thus, using maps can be more efficient with folded connectivity, But in some parts of the city, you can download for offline use.



      If you use a lot of Google Drive for office or college work, then the facility of offline use has also been developed. You can download the video in a service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but you can download it right on YouTube. Now the Online video downloader, Online video converter is also available. It is of music if some mobile company has a SIM card, it is connected to it. Faculty of Download, Therefore, the distinction between online offline in the mobile has been completely erased, should be used to use.


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